Team Development

We are inviting young adults between 18-35 years with Cypriot nationality, to apply to the project. The strongest applicants will be chosen to participate in Phase 1 which will be the first encounter. This phase will take place as a five day residential series of intense workshops and sport activities led our lead facilitator Michael Donahue and a team of experts and facilitators from around the world, including special guests. Through these workshops the participants will get to know each other and their support-team. The goal is to initiate dialogue, and develop knowledge and trust through following topics.

Team building
Olympic Values
Peacebuilding through sport
Ocean literacy

All participants who have completed the workshops will receive a “Winds of Change Ambassador” certificate.

The participants who will be selected at the end of this phase, will proceed to the next phases of the project.


Sailing Skills

Experienced sailing coaches from both communities will guide the team through an intense two-week course in which they will be introduced to the sport of sailing and will acquire knowledge about wind and sailing theory, and sailing equipment. No prior sailing experience is required. Each team member will develop proficiency to sail a single-handed dinghy boat. They will proceed in sailing on a yacht together as a team, an obtaining a sailing certificate.

Part of the course will be held on the southern and part on the northern coast of Cyprus.


THE Challenge

The final challenge for the team will be to sail around the entire island of Cyprus together.
By going into this unique journey together, the team members will develop their leadership skills, strengthen their ability to work within a team and improve their communication skills under challenging conditions and in a strenuous environment. Along their journey they will be living together on the boat, accompanied by a skipper. Achieving this historical circumnavigation together will encourage the development of a unique bond of friendship within the team, while becoming the first Cypriot team to circumnavigate around the island.



In the future, we want to showcase our journey through a documentary. By capturing the story, and portraying this once in a lifetime experience on a screen, will aim to reach and inspire more young people in Cyprus and globally, to utilise sport as a peace catalyst.

Showcasing the documentary at local and international events, the team members and our ambassadors will have the opportunity to share their unique experience with the wider public and continue their journey by becoming role models and ambassadors of peace.